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Gatewood Elementary Fun Stuff

These links contain additional learning resources which have been checked for appropriate content.  However, due to the fast-changing nature of the Internet, we strongly encourage parents to preview any sites and to always supervise children who are online.

Have fun learning (and playing)!

Links to Fun (& Educational!) Sites

In Somali: Fadlan isticmaal linkaan sidaat u aragtiid National Geographic cajaltoodo. Cajadalaha oo muhimka ayaa waxey kor u dhisaysaa ardiga wax barashadiisa mida ku saabsan xarfaha cusubka ah, taasi aye waxey kayneysaa dugsiga kor uqadintiisa.

  • Pandemic 2 (posted soon)
    Spreading virus teaches science concepts
  • PBS Kids
    Play games, watch videos and print coloring pages — activities for kids.
  • Puzzle Maker
    Create your own puzzles
  • Science News for kids
    Science in the news
  • Science Toys
    Science toys you can make with your kids from household objects.
  • SMMART Ideas
    SMMART = Science, Math, Music, Art, Reading and Time-out: learning activities to share with your kids.
  • The Exploratorium
    The Exploratorium (Science Museum in San Francisco) offers hands on experiments that teach scientific principles in the “Explore” section of their website
  • The Whistle
    For all things professional sports. Check out the training section.
  • Time for kids
    Time magazine for kids