Gatewood Elementary

Gatewood Elementary School


Gatewood Academics Model

Gatewood embraces an inclusion model. This means that as often as possible, students with special needs remain in the general education setting instead of being pulled away for specially designed instruction.

Some education content is delivered in a multi-age setting and some is delivered in a single grade classroom configuration. During the 2016-17 school year, there are three split classes in addition to our single grade classrooms:

  • one Grade 1/2
  • one Grade 2/3
  • one Grade 4/5

Within grades 2-5 there are teacher teams. An example of a teacher team would be one teacher implementing the literacy instruction, and another teacher implementing science and math instruction. The students in both classes have two teachers and rotate between the two teachers throughout the day. The students begin and end their day with the homeroom teacher.

In order to help our students thrive in our ever changing world, we teach the basics, such as reading, writing, math and science; but we also attempt to expand students? critical thinking, cooperative learning, awareness of technology, and multiple intelligences.

The Gatewood Academics Model is made possible because of the support we receive from families, volunteers, Gator Aides (team parents), an active PTA, and our local businesses.