Gatewood Elementary

Emergency Procedures

Other Emergency Information

Other Emergency Information

Responding to threats over the phone

  1. Call 911 immediately.
  2. Keep caller on the phone and obtain as much information as possible including:
    1. Time set for detonation
    2. Exact location of bomb
    3. Description of the bomb
    4. Type of explosive used
  3. Note other pertinent details, such as:
    1. Time of call
    2. Exact words used
    3. Sex of caller
    4. Estimated age
    5. Identifiable accent
    6. Identifiable background noise
  4. Contact building administration/main office.
  5. Building administrator and law enforcement officers will decide whether to evacuate the building. If the building is evacuated, normal fire drill procedures should be used. Do not announce specific reason for evacuation.
  6. Building administrator may conduct a room to room search using available police, fire fighters, and staff.
  7. Office will notify Superintendent?s Office.

Bomb device found at school

  • Do Not Touch the device!
  • Evacuate and seal off the area
  • Call 911 immediately
  • Wait for trained bomb squad to arrive