Gatewood Elementary

Emergency Procedures

Fire and Evacuation Details

Fire and Evacuation Details

Fire/On-campus Evacuation

Teacher Responsibilities:

  1. Instruct your students in the following procedures step by step and actually walk them through a practice drill so they know what to do, how and where to go when evacuating the building.
  2. Upon hearing the alarm, have your students line up quickly in single file, have 2 or 3 student monitors be responsible for closing windows and doors (do NOT lock the door) and take the classroom emergency backpack . Be sure there is a Current class list in your backpack at all times.
  3. Check in with your buddy teacher to see if that classroom is OK.
  4. Lead your class out the evacuation route.
  5. The Evacuation Site is on the playground. Classes will line up on the field according to classroom near their classroom number.
  6. Stress that students must be absolutely quiet until the signal to return to class is heard via the megaphone.
  7. Check attendance immediately. Once complete, hold up the correct card to report to the command post.
    • If all students and teacher(s) are present, hold up the Green card.
    • If a student(s) or teacher is missing or you have an extra student hold up the RED card.
    • If there are injuries, or you need assistance, hold up the Medic card.

      When you hold up the red card or medic card, someone from the assistance team will come to your location.

  8. If you are on a prep period, meet your class at the evacuation site immediately. Specialists are responsible for escorting students to their assigned evacuation site.
  9. Return to the classroom only after the ‘all clear’ signal is given from the command post.
  10. Outline any assigned responsibilities in your substitute file.

Student Responsibilities:

  1. When the fire alarm sounds, follow your teacher’s instructions and prepare to follow the evacuation procedures.
  2. If you are not in your classroom when the alarm sounds, you need to find an adult or go to your evacuation site:
    1. If you are in the restroom leave the building and go to your evacuation site.
    2. If you’re with your class in PE, music, library, computer room, etc., stay with the adult in charge and follow him/her to the evacuation site. Your teacher will meet you there and take charge of the class.
    3. If you are in the office, health room, speech, etc., exit with the adult in charge who will take you to your evacuation site’s accountability team, who will get you back to your class.
    4. If you’re at recess, walk to the evacuation site on the playground, line up with your class and your teacher will join you there. Recess supervisors will help you.
    5. If you are at lunch, adults in charge will dismiss you by table to one of the exits. Walk outdoors to the playground evacuation site and your teacher will meet you there.
    6. If you cannot find your teacher or your class go to your evacuation site.

Off-Campus Evacuation

After the timely and organized evacuation of a school building, it may be necessary to leave campus and establish a long-term evacuation center. The Kenney Home is our off-campus evacuation site.


  1. Assemble at the evacuation site on the field, at which point attendance will be taken again.
  2. When directed, move with your class from the on-campus evacuation site. It is very important that students stay with school personnel in order to be evacuated safely.
  3. After confirming walkers and bus riders, and checking in all walkers with student release team, walk with all bus riders to the agreed upon bus pick-up location where buses will be waiting with placards in the windows showing general housing areas.