Gatewood Elementary

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Drill Staff Responsibilities

Emergency Drill/Evacuation Staff Responsibilities

  1. Post one Emergency Map in your classroom by the emergency exit door and keep the second in your Emergency Procedures packet (this document).
  2. Keep the classroom Emergency Backpack properly equipped, current, and located in an accessible place near the emergency exit. Include a Current class list in your backpack.
  3. Include the location of your map and backpack in your substitute plans as well as any instructions specific to your role in emergency situations.
  4. Always take your Emergency Backpack with you during an evacuation.
  5. Instruct your students on how to safely respond to the various emergency situations, fire, lockdown, earthquake, shelter in place and the unexpected.
  6. Instruct your students on how to safely evacuate your classroom to the evacuation site AND what to do if they are not in your classroom during an evacuation (meet at your classroom evacuation site).
  7. Instruct students that they need to walk out of the building in a single file line near the wall. Note, two lines of students may evacuate the building in a given space. (See evacuation map)
  8. Instruct and practice with your students in how to properly Drop, Cover and Hold during an earthquake or drill.
  9. Keep your students calm, quiet, and orderly during an evacuation or emergency drill.
  10. Take attendance immediately upon reaching the evacuation site.
  11. Hold up the Green card if all are present, the Red card if a student is missing or you have an extra student, and the Medic card if someone is injured. In the case of a real emergency, be prepared to report to your Emergency Team assignment after coordinating with your buddy teacher/classroom.