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    Emergency Response Special Assignments

    Special Assignments:

    Principal/Head Teacher (Kyna/Noelle)

    • Sweep all classrooms and restrooms and building locations
    • If an earthquake check building and field previous to evacuation notification
    • If necessary, decide upon alternative exit routes and communicate to staff
    • Inform entire school of the evacuation via available modes (i.e. intercom, megaphone, student runners, etc.)
    • Call Administration building at (425) 837-7000
    • If we do not call immediately, call within an hour to let Administration Building know status

    Administrative Secretary (Katy)

    • Time evacuation
    • Take staff list, substitute sign-in information, and staff sign-in/out binder
    • Facilitate adult attendance and communicate adult attendance to Incident Command

    Office Secretary (Stacy)

    • Take emergency backpack from office
    • Take locator list (evacuation maps), Master Schedule, staff list, student sign-in/out, demographic forms, daily attendance report
    • Facilitate student attendance and communicate student attendance to Incident Command

    Nurse/Office Secretary (Tina/Stacy)

    • Check Health room
    • Take priority medications
    • Monitor needs and condition of students with IHPs and respond as necessary

    Kitchen Manager

    • Shut down all appliances
    • Evacuate and check-in with Principal’s Secretary


    • Check fire alarm panel to see source of alarm
    • Greet emergency cars/trucks and meet emergency personnel
    • Communicate with Princiapl’s Secretary the names of the students and/or adults who are with you
    • Traffic control
    • Be prepared to silence and reset the alarm system