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    All School Field Day - Wednesday 6/21
    Posted on 06/19/2017

    Gatewood's Annual Field Day at Lincoln Park is this Wednesday 6/21!

    The fun goes on all day with games, hikes, BBQ lunch, and then more fun.

    To help make it a success, PTA needs your help. Check out the needs below, and please consider lending a hand - any amount of time is greatly appreciated, especially for set up & serving lunch. Sign up at

    • Main Office Sub for Katy & Stacy: 1 or 2 people from 9:30a - 1p
    • Day of Event Organizer: Laura Kincade will be the PTA Chair, along with Staff Chairs Mrs Rodenberg and Mr Beaty
    • Coolers & Bags of Ice: Bring to the Library before 8:00 AM, pick up after 2:00 PM
    • Grillmasters: A big grill and 2 or 3 cooks. Ms Donna Rodenberg will secure the Big Grill from Chief Sealth, but we will need someone to return it. Also, the cooks would start the coals at about 10:30am, lunch can go through about 1pm. Cooks - please bring your preferred Grill Tools.
    • Transport: Drive food and picnic supplies from school to park (at least 4 vehicles, 6-10 people): meet at school at 7:30am
    • Unloading: Helpers to unload all the goodies from the vehicles at park and set up (10 people)
    • Lunch: Helpers needed to serve lunch (about 15) and clean up (about 10).
    • Volunteers for Game Stations and to Walk with the Classes to and from Lincoln Park: Just show up! There will be plenty of places where the Staff will be able to use your help

    Many hands make for a fun and efficient day for all. Thank you for making this a successful annual event at Gatewood!

    *Note for parents: please watch for a separate email from your class Gator Aide or your Teacher asking for class level donations of chips and cookies*

    Let's enjoy a wonderful day together. Many thanks!