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    Gatewood Elementary
    4320 SW Myrtle Street
    Seattle, WA 98136

    Directions Coming From I-5 Northbound or Southbound

    • Take the exit 135 onto West Seattle Bridge  
    • Continue straight at traffic light (stay on Fauntleroy Way SW)
    • Road will split, stay to the left, continue on Fauntleroy Way SW
    • Turn left at California Ave SW
    • Turn right on SW Myrtle Street

    There is street parking located around Gatewood and there is a small parking lot on the North side of the building on SW Frontenac Street.  Please pay attention to the posted parking restrictions or you may be ticketed or towed.

    Gatewood Student Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

    Please adhere to the following procedure when dropping off or picking up students at Gatewood Elementary. It is critical that drivers not leave their car, even for a moment, unless it is in a legal parking spot.

    Remember the saying, "Right Turns Get Us Right Home." You should always be making right turns to approach enter/exit, and depart the parking lot. Please see the diagram below for further clarification.

    Key points to remember when picking up or dropping off, please:

    • Do drive Eastbound (uphill) on SW Frontenac to get in line for drop off/pickup.  Waiting is permitted in the curb lane (facing Eastbound) if you are in your vehicle and ready to move forward. Do not leave your vehicle.
    • Do form one lane in the school lot to the right for actively unloading/loading.  Pull as far forward as safely possible. When done unloading, please move to the left lane to exit.
    • Do allow students to only enter/exit the right side of your vehicle in the parking lot and tell them to proceed safely and promptly to or from the school's sidewalk.
    • Do exit the school lot by making a right turn. Proceed eastbound on SW Frontenac Street. If you need to go westbound, please use another street (SW Mills St or SW Myrtle St). 
    • Do not leave your car anywhere in the school lot unless it is in a legal parking spot. If you choose to double-park, your vehicle can be towed without notice.
    • Do not park and leave your car on street in any "No Parking Zone", Bus Zone, Crosswalk, Loading Zone, or near a fire hydrant. You risk being towed and ticketed by Seattle Police Department.
    • Do not drive Westbound (downhill) on SW Frontenac Street and turn Left into the school lot.
    • If you see someone not complying with the procedure, do not create a confrontation. Be a good neighbor and gently remind them of the procedure, or instead call Seattle Police Department, Parking Enforcement Division at 206/625-5011 (menu option 8) to report a non-emergency parking problem.
    This procedure has been developed with input from Seattle Department of Transportation, Seattle Public Schools, Seattle Police Department, National Safe Routes to Schools Program, Gatewood Staff, parent and local neighborhood input. We have a verbal agreement with SPD Parking Enforcement that vehicles using the above procedures (including drivers remaining in their care and not parking illegally) can continue to use the school's lot for pick up and drop off. If you have any questions, please ask any school staff member.

    Thank you very much for keeping pick up and drop off safe for everyone!

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